Mitton Lodge No.6904

The History of Mitton Lodge

Mitton Lodge No.6904 was born in Stourport on 4th March 1950, the third Lodge in the town. Among its Founders, who numbered eighteen, were nine members of second lodge in the town, Severn Lodge.

Why the name Mitton was chosen is not known, but the name 'Myttun' was recorded in the year 841 and the name 'Myttune' may be found in the Domesday Book. It is that area of land between the rivers Stour and Severn and was two hamlets of Upper and Lower Mitton. In 1771 after a large water-bourne trade had developed following the building of the new Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal joining the Rivers Severn and Stour at Lower Mitton, the new town was renamed 'Stourport', (the 'on-Severn' was not added until 1934).

Who designed the Lodge badge is not recorded, but it depicts the old bridge over the Severn with two 'Trows' – the old vessels used for carrying goods to Bristol from as far away as Coalbrookdale in Staffordshire and later from the Black Country.

Membership of the Lodge grew steadily until after ten years there were 42 members and 3 honorary members and after 20 years 58 members and 1 honorary members. After 30 years there was a membership of 55 and 3 honorary members and by 50 years, the Golden Jubilee Year, 48 members and 2 honorary members.