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Fri, 11th November 2022

Mitton Lodge News Update October 2022

Mitton Lodge News Update October 2022

We had good numbers for our meeting held on Monday 3rd October 2022. Clearly many had heard just how good our visiting speaker was.  “The second degree charge and tracing board put into a historical context” was truly amazing, the delivery was wonderfully charismatic, the knowledge encyclopaedic and this fast paced presentation kept us all enthralled from start to finish. If you ever get the chance to hear it, it’s most definitely worth attending.

We should mention the huge support we received from members of Wyche Lodge who bolstered our numbers beautifully.

We have two new initiates over our next two meetings. It’s always wonderful to experience a new person joining the craft, a day that they will never forget!

I should also mention our legionary Haggis night which I believe will be held Monday 2nd January 2023. This will also be an initiation, so a truly wonderful evening of celebrations.

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Tue, 4th October 2022

Well we are back!

Well we are back!

Monday 3rd was our first meeting of the season. It was a demonstration of the ceremony of initiation which went extremely well, probably because all but the IG were WBro’s, our JD and SW both being unavailable. We wish our SW a swift and complete recovery.

Our IG’s presentation of the working tools was “word perfect”, without a stutter, he is definitely going to go far.

We also welcomed back a WBro, which due to COVID and family commitments, had needed to stay away. He is back now and even “volunteered” to be our candidate.

We have two new members joining this season with the first planned for our December meeting and the other for our January meeting. We look forward to their imitations and then their progress in the craft over the coming years.

We are also so pleased that our caterers have been able to continue providing us with their excellent meals for our festive board. They have been with us for over 10 years and we feel so grateful that they have agreed to stay with us.

It looks like we have an excellent season ahead of us. If you would like to visit us, you would be most welcome. Please contact our secretary.

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Tue, 6th September 2022

Mitton Lodge September Update.

We have all been having fun during our summer training where we practice our new positions within the lodge. New and old words to recall and deliver having spent many hours studying our little blue books.

Our first meeting of the season is on Monday 3rd October 2022 and we are looking forward to meeting up again and catching up on each other’s news.

We have two new members looking to join us, ne in December and the other in January, if everything goes to plan! We always welcome enquiries at any time of the year, so if you think Free Masonry might be of interest to you, please contact us for a chat. The best method is by visiting our website.

We know COVID still represents a problem to some of members and hope that they may wish to return sometime this season but understand if they don’t. It would wonderful to have you back.

We also know that some can’t make it dues to ill health. We wish you a speedy recovery and we will keep in touch with you.

We have our official practice and management meeting on the 19th September at 7 pm to which every member is most welcome.

Here we go again, oh the excitement!



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Wed, 13th April 2022

First Installation for 3 Years!

First Installation for 3 Years!

Yes it finally happened, we have a new Worshipful Master (WM), (Chair / Leader)

Like many lodges, due to COVID, our WM has been in position for 3 years. He was delighted to hand the gavel onto a brother of such high esteem, who in turn, was delighted to receive it.


Provincial  Support

We were honoured to have such distinguished provincial representatives assisting us in their amazingly faultless, friendly and supportive manner.

We must feel humbled by the provincial team’s dedication and application to this huge role and their responsibilities to so many lodges. We truly thank them and “they did great”!


Wyche Lodge Members, What Did You Do?

It was also wonderful to see so much support for our ME and particularly the huge number from his mother lodge, Wyche.


Too Many Light Blue Aprons? No!

We all further celebrated as we have managed to retain and promote some of our newer brethren. We want to thank the brother/s that worked to discuss through the concerns of our newer brethren and to them, for their continued support. The new WM spent special time identifying with them their new roles and thanking them for progressing within the lodge.

The ceremony was somewhat quicker with the incoming WM having already been through the chair at Wyche Lodge but we needed that extra time!


THREE United Grand Lodge Certificates!

Our Provincial Grand Master Elect kindly presented three United Grand Lodge Certificates to lodge members. I believe this is the first time he had presented three in one ceremony, another first for him and probably for Mitton Lodge!


Great Food, Wine and Speeches

Our festive board truly was a celebration, with the added excitement of so many in new roles within Mitton, new responsibilities, new lines to learn and new experiences to look forward to. Our caterers are simply fantastic, the speeches were fun, spirited and respectful. It was definitely an evening to remember.


Mitton Charity

In his final act, before handing control over to the new WM, our now IPM presented a cheque of £2022 to our Provincial Grand Master Elect to go towards our Provincial 2022 Appeal, these being funds having been raised by the Mitton lodge members. We were heartily thanked and assured that it would be faithfully applied.


Summer Fun

We will be practicing our new roles over the summer but also trying out other roles “just for fun” but also in preparation for future promotions. We start back proper in October 2022.


Feels/Looks/Sounds Right to You?

As one of the most renowned, established, fun, friendliest, respectful and supportive lodges, Mitton continues to welcomes new enquiries. In the last few years we managed to accommodate all successful applicants and welcome your application as a new or joining member. Experience the strength, joy, challenges and support of brotherhood!



Webmaster & IPM

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Wed, 9th February 2022

Stourport Masons Celebrate H.M. the Queens Platinum Jubilee

Stourport Masons Celebrate H.M. the Queens Platinum Jubilee 


On Monday the 7th February 2022, Stourport Craft Lodges came together to celebrate H.M. the Queens Platinum Jubilee. 


This was an “once-in-a-lifetime” experience for all who attended. Mitton Lodge’s regular meeting was the closest to the event, being just the day after. We sent invitations to all the lodges and were delighted with the responses. We also asked that a representative from each lodge take the position of an officer in the lodge for the evening. 


The Stourport lodges present were, Vernon Lodge No 560, Severn Lodge No 5583, Mitton Lodge No 6904, Ribbesford Lodge No 7696 and Wyre Forest Lodge No 8653. We were also grateful to the other lodges, from within our Worcestershire province, for joining in with our meeting, including our hugely supportive Provisional Representative, whose mother lodge is the Lodge of St Michael No 1097.  


Having previously enjoying so much a talk on the Britannia, we asked W.Bro.D.Rushforth if he would please prepare a special address on H.M. the Queens reign. 


So, after welcoming everyone and having requesting that our brother lodge representatives take the position of an officer in the lodge, we opened and conducted our normal business which sadly included a eulogy to an outstanding mason, recently called to the grand lodge above. We then “Called Off”, something some brethren with over 40 years in the craft had never experienced. The lodge now being closed, we organised a photograph with each WM wearing their own lodge’s collar. Having safely returned them, we took some light refreshments whilst the room was prepared for the presentation. 


W.Bro.D.Rushforth address was truly amazing, picking up on so many interesting points on H.M. the Queens early life and her reign. It was delivered at a good pace keeping us all enthralled with nuggets of additional information only he knew from personal experience. We hoped it would be good and we were definitely not disappointed. 


After this address, we “Called Back On” and conclude our business, as listed in our agenda. 


As you might expect, the festive board was a joyous affair with plenty of delicious food, wine, hearty singing, great speeches, and respectful toasts. 


We all retired elated, declaring that we “must try to do this again”. 


Thank you to everyone involved in the making this the huge success that it was. 






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Sat, 5th February 2022

Mitton Lodge Update Feb 5th 2022

W.Bro. Robin Oakes 


I know that all know but I have to mention the saddest news that W.Bro. Robin Oakes passed to the Grand Lodge Above at around 6pm 26th January. 


He will be missed so much by all of us. He had so much positive energy and enthusiasm which brushed off on all who were lucky enough to come into contact with him. He was always so supportive and would send me short emails of encouragement and praise, such a lovely man and an outstanding mason. 


Our thoughts, at this time, are for his wife Barbara and all his family. 


As you also know, we await details of the funeral. 



Monday the 7th February Meeting 

A Special Address on H.M. The Queens Reign 


We have the most amazing meeting planned for the 7th. We have representatives for every lodge (except one) that meets in Stourport Lodge Buildings, plus many other visitors from all over the county. 


One member from each lodge that meets in Stourport has been invited to take a position for this once in a lifetime meeting. 


We will Call Off for some light refreshments whilst the room will be prepared for this special address on H.M. The Queens reign, which will be given by W.Bro.D.Rushforth to celebrate her accession to the throne 70 years ago. 


After this address, we will Call Back On and conclude our business as listed in our agenda. 



Raffle Prizes 


With so many visitors it would be wonderful to have a few more prizes for our raffle. Could I please ask you to consider bringing along a raffle prize? If we get too many, we can always hold some back for our next meeting. 



St Michaels Lodge, Tenbury 


At the kind invitation of our Provisional Representative, I visited St Michaels Lodge in Tenbury-Wells who were holding a passing. It is such a friendly and dynamic lodge. Everyone was so welcoming and full of positive energy. The singing was strong and the whole experience was one I will never forget. I cannot recommend a visit more highly. I also witnessed the most amazing explanation of the Tracing Board. He actually argued with himself, in real-time and posed many questions with potential answers as part of this highly researched and informative address.  Wow. 



March Meeting 


We have a very special lecture on the construction of KS Temple. More details to follow. 


Who will be our next WM? We will all know by the end of the meeting.  





Thank you again for your continued support and all the hard work planning and preparing for this, our Monday meeting and all the other behind the scene work. 




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Wed, 5th January 2022

What a night that was!

What a night that was! 

Monday 3rd January was such a memorable evening. We had so many Past Masters taking on roles to raise our brother with everyone (including the candidate) clearly spending many hours with their blue book and therefore able to display such proficiency in the delivery. Our many visitors would possibly agree that the highlight of the ceremony was the walking charge. 

We all headed down for our festive board where the Haggis was piped in. Later in the evening our piper gave us a wonderful delivery of suitable Scottish tunes, played to perfection. 

Our five course meal (including Haggis and special Haggis gravy (Scotch)) was yet again delicious and cooked beautifully. 

The speeches and toasts all went well. At nine o’clock, as normal, we toasted Absent Brethren and we all had the opportunity to mention the name of a person that we were particularly thinking about. We had so many names mentioned, due to various reasons, some clearly sad, but we look forward to our next happy meeting with them, if and when possible. 

A huge “Thank You” must go out to everyone involved in making the evening such a wonderful success. The support you continue to offer the lodge knows no bounds. 

Thank you also for the kind messages I have received about the evening. It makes such a difference to know occasionally that you have enjoyed yourself and or suggestions on potential improvements.  


Our Next Bi-Monthly, 7 pm Monday 24th January 

We do have some important lodge business to discuss at this meeting plus arranging everything for our next full meeting, so if you are available, please do attend. It is open to every lodge member and many of us pop over to the pub afterwards, which is also great fun.   


Our Next Full Meeting, Monday 7th February 

Our next full meeting will hopefully be another big event. Her Majesty, The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, seventy years of service, having acceded to the throne on 6th February 1952 when Her Majesty was 25 years old.  

We are looking to bring representatives from all the Craft Lodges that meet in Stourport together where we have organised a talk on her life. We will Call-Off and retire for refreshments whilst the room is prepared for the talk and on its conclusion, we will Call-Back-On. 

We are contacting the relevant secretary’s and will hopefully have an update for you shortly. 

I hope everyone has the very best 2022 possible. 

S&F Henry 

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Sun, 2nd January 2022

Our Haggis night is all ready to go tomorrow night


I am delighted to confirm that our Haggis night which includes for a change, a rising, is all ready to go tomorrow night. The candidate, our temporary chef, the haggis, special haggis gravy and our piper are all confirmed.

We also have a good number of visitors booked in which is simply wonderful and I know they will be made so welcome by us all. Everyone will be acting in a COVID aware manner and the night promises to be such a special occasion.

Right, back to my blue book..




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Mon, 20th December 2021

Mitton Past Masters Practice is on tonight!

Dear Brethren
I am delight to confirm we are still good to go with no new government restrictions announced this evening.
See all those of you that can make it at 7:00 pm.
Best wishes
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Mon, 20th December 2021

3rd Degree Past Masters Practice Tonight

Dear All
Just a quick confirmation that the 3rd degree, past masters practice is tonight at 7:00pm for those who can make it.
If I hear this afternoon, that the government are shutting us down over a period that covers our January meeting, I will cancel this evenings meeting.
Please keep a look out on the news and for an email from me before you attend the practice.
Currently the practice is still on.
Hopefully see you later
Best wishes
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Tue, 7th December 2021

December News Update

Dear Brethren  

Our December Meeting  

We did have to request a few stand-ins last night, most were already agreed but special thanks must go to W Bro Steve A for standing in as JW with about 15 minutes notice, thank you Steve. 


We had a most interesting meeting as W Bro. David Rushforth gave his truly wonderful talk of his time serving on Britannia, the history of the ship, some of those who sailed on her and how they, the crew, had to behave. He had us all listening intently, just waiting for further nuggets of information not many were ever privy to have known, let alone share in such a professional manner. Thank you, David, from all of us at Mitton.  


Further fun was had, as we “Called Off” so we could retire before the non-masonic talk. Afterwards we “Called On” and completed our lodge agenda. Not many lodges do this much anymore I’m told. I find it such fun, when appropriate, and Mitton did it a couple of years ago, which was also hugely successful. Special thanks go to W Bro Chris F for providing such wonderful treats.  


We also had a temporary chief, Brian, cooking for us last night. I have always sung the praises of our caterers in Stourport, as I believe them to be so good. Last night, has to have been was one of the best, with so many brothers commenting to me on its freshness and quality. Thank you and to your team for a great festive board and accommodating so generously, our request to extend the meal start time. 


We were delighted that they accepted an invitation to join us for a quick drink where we were able to thank them in person and wish them a very happy Christmas. 


Thank you to all the brethren who stayed on and help clear up and put everything away. Many hands made light work, all done in about 10 minutes. We will need to continue this until we have managed to find a new Hall Steward. 




We have our Past Masters practice on the 20th December, ready to go at 7:00 pm please and then later, if you are available, for a quick drink in the pub. I will need a Junior Deacon please as W Bro Cliff R will be away in January. I will put a few calls in. 


January Meeting (Haggis Night)  

This is normally our BIGGEST meeting at Mitton and this year's event will be no exception, possibly even bigger. With everything planned for the meeting and the multi-course festive board, including the piping in of the finest haggis, along with the special Scottish gravy, it is definitely a meeting to look to attend. As always, places are limited, so please communicate with our Secretary as soon as can, if you haven’t already. 

It will include Bro Kevin’s “Raising” by the Past Masters, which is such a special ceremony. The past master's positions have mostly been agreed, we have had one practice and as already mentioned, we have our next practice on the 20th Dec.  

We hope that this will be a wonderful occasion for Kevin to remember for always and for our members and visitors, to talk about for years to come. 

For those concerned, I can confirm that our Piper and Brian, our temporary chief, have both kindly confirmed.  



W Bro Chris F informed us that at the Stourport Masonic Club Committee Meeting of Thursday 18th November 2021 an exciting thought was discussed. 


In 2022, Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, seventy years of service, having acceded to the throne on 6th February 1952 when Her Majesty was 25 years old. 


It was suggested a special meeting might be arranged (say on a Saturday) with all lodges represented and wives dining also downstairs. Dispensation would be required. We discussed that, as an alternative and as many would not be available on a Saturday, that Mitton Lodge could look to arrange a special lodge meeting. We meet the very next day, being the 7th February. More discussions need to take place but what an amazing evening we could all be part of in February? 


It was a detailed report but one other point of particular interest was that it was mentioned that a Flag Pole and standard should be in place to represent Stourport Masons. This is being looked into 


Kindness and Charity  

Christmas is a magical time for many but it can also be a very lonely time. It can polarise unfortunate circumstances. Just about everyone will be privately fighting at least one problem, health concern, dealing with a lost loved one, to name just a few and everything can appear so much darker with the long cold lonely nights. 


There are many charities, including our own, that look to make things a little better that you already support but possibly also checking in with someone you haven't recently spoken to, would make a big difference to them.    


Thank you all again for your continued and generous support, it does make all the difference. 



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