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Wed, 7th October 2020

Zoom Meeting

I do hope that you and yours are all doing as well as can be expected during these tough times.

It should have been our first night back last Monday and I'm sure we would have been very excited about getting back and catching up with all the news. Some nerves would have been felt as we hoped our words would flow, that the candidate had a wonderful evening and then onto a delicious festive board and reminisce of words forgotten and ceremony having gone slightly wrong. What a shame this wasn’t to be.

We held a normal monthly Zoom social, at 7:00 pm, Monday 5th of October. We a good take-up this month and heard both good and not so good news but mostly we laughed as the conversations moved and flowed. We were cut off by the software without having our toast but could see that most had a charged glass ready and I hope you all managed not to waste it.

Most of you will have received communications from both the province and Grand Lodge and we will deal with any points required by email and or letter.

Until next month.


Wed, 12th August 2020

Mitton receive thank-you letter for our 2500 Covid 19 Donation

We were delighted to receive a thank-you letter from our Masonic Charity for the £2500 that we were able to send for our Covid 19 Community Fund.

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Tue, 4th August 2020

Last Nights Zoom Meeting

It was wonderful getting together with our Mitton Lodge brethren last night for our monthly Zoom catch-up.

Thank you for your apologies for those that couldn't make it and I hope we can catch-up next month.

If anyone has any urgent questions please feel free contact our Secretary or WM.

Our next happy meeting will be Monday 7th Sept 2020 at 7:00 until 7:30.

We will hopefully have received more information from our provisional rulers on our route back which we can discuss.

If you are member of Mitton Lodge and are not receiving your monthly invitation, please contact your WM.
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Tue, 2nd June 2020

New News Item

It was wonderful getting together with our Mitton Lodge brethren last night for our monthly Zoom catch-up. The next one will be Monday 6th July 2020 at 7:00 until 7:30. I think I will use this picture as my zoom back drop, courtesy of Grand Lodge.


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Fri, 10th April 2020

Mitton Lodge News Update April 2020

Mitton Lodge News Update April 2020

Dear Brethren

Well we missed our last meeting, our Master Elect’s installation and the promotion of many brothers into new and exciting roles. This will be a disappointment to many of you which is such a shame as we really wanted to grasp your enthusiasm and thriving nature of Mitton Lodge.

But wait, (both my arms are now raised and extended) “I say to you all”, (hands are now dropped to my side, I smile) “I have news below that might hopefully brighten your hearts a little”. (End of any further enactments). 


Thank You

This would normally be the time when I thanked everyone for all the support that you have given me, to shake the hand of all my officers so that you truly know just how much I have appreciated your hard work and then of cause to turn to all our Past Masters to thank them additionally for all the advice, gentle mentoring and guidance.

We had a very busy year of live ceremonies which is wonderful for the lodge. We had only one demonstration, which was of the first degree, where we also experienced and for many of us for the first time, a Calling Off.

We had a good variety of charitable events; the BBQ in the wonderful gardens of our Charity Officer, our Race Night at Hartlebury village hall, our Ladies Night at the Granary and our Family Sunday Lunch for our widows at the lodge. All the events were great successes. We were short on numbers at the race night due to multiple last minute, unavoidable, cancellations but we still managed to make a little.


Charitable Donations

With all your support, your visitors and all your family and friends we have been raise a simply amazing amount for good causes.

2022 Festival Appeal

To the 2022 Festival Appeal we have, yet again, been able to allocated £2020

Extract from Provisional Grand Lodge


"Your ongoing fantastic and unstinting support together with that [of] other orders is of course humbling, welcome and a true demonstration of freemasonry at its best.


Yours sincerely and fraternally

R W Bro Robert C Vaughan, P.G.M.”


The Brain Tumour Charity

The Brain Tumour Charity, which is a UK-based charity dedicated to funding research, raising awareness of brain tumours, reducing diagnosis times and providing support and information for people with a brain tumours, their families and friends we have sent a cheque for £2000!

Officers of Mitton Lodge for the 2020/21 Season

After discussions and in line with the current instructions, rules and advice, all officers of Mitton Lodge are requested to and most, (I still need to catch up with a couple) have agreed to, stay in office for a further twelve months. John’s installation and all other promotions are now scheduled for Monday April 5th 2021.


Next Seasons Schedule.

I know that our Bro Elect had made excellent plans for his year as WM but unfortunately these are now delayed for 12 months. We are unsure when we will be allowed and able to reconvene, so creating a schedule is difficult.

Our main focus of the season will be of getting our newly made brother, through to be being a Master Mason and to initiate any new brothers who may wish to join our brotherhood.

At the first available meeting we will look to pass Bro Apprentice.

I will preside as WM with all available existing offers in role. The Bro Apprentice’s proposer will present the Second degree tracing board.

We will later look for our Past Masters to raise our Bro at a suitable time. This may have to be in the New Year as opposed to December.

The remainder of the season we have some exciting new suggestions. As I mentioned, we don’t know when we will be allowed back but we have plans afoot to fill every monthly meeting.


Absent Brethren News

On Monday night 14 of us managed to connect on Zoom video chat software to catch up with each other’s news and then toast Absent Brethren at 9:00. We had been practicing every evening for about the last 12 days to ensure everyone, who wished to, had the opportunity to resolve their various technical problems. I believe that everyone enjoyed the experience and we agreed to the news below.


Future Absent Brethren Toasts on the First Monday of Each Month, 8:55 for 9 pm

We will get together on Zoom on the first Monday of each month at 8:55 pm ready to toast Absent Brethren at 9 pm. I will send out an email invitation each month with a link to the meeting. Please be connected by 8:55. I will however open the meeting at 8:30 pm so anyone, that wishes, can have an informal catch-up, ready for the toast at 9:00 pm.


Summer School to include new brothers “having a go” at different roles.

We are unsure when we will be allowed to meet again in person but could all officers and any other brother who would like to join us, please keep the first Monday of each month from 7 to 8:30 pm free for online summer camp practices, starting from June.

We have been informed that there is no such thing as, and must not try to create, a “Virtual Lodge”. We must not practice/show any type of movements or visual stuff but we can practice our words.

I will send out a list of summer school dates and what I would like us to please practice, shortly. The practices will be with existing officers “without the blue-book”, with one brother prompting, but our newer brothers can read as required.


Call-out for Volunteers, Yes You!

If you have just started out on your masonic journey, haven’t held a role for some time and would like to experience it again or want to try your next role out, please do come forward.

If any of you would like to have a go at any one or multiple role/s within lodge and or at our summer school, please let me know and I can schedule you in. I really hope that I get a good response.


** Fun News for New and Established Masons **

As already mentioned, for some of ceremonies, we will look to make them a “lodge of instruction” where, having opened the lodge, I will ask identified brethren to take over a lodge role and then go through a ceremony. We may occasional stop to discuss elements of it and take questions.

This will hopefully be both educational and fun.



Official Lodge Communications

All official lodge communications will continue to come via our Secretary.

WM Informal Communication

I will send out my email communications using my email list.

WhatsApp Discussion Group

For those that may wish to chat online securely, I am creating a WhatsApp group. WhatsApp works on most phones and can also work using your normal internet browser on your computer. It is a very popular discussion forum and has been mentioned by province as a good way to keep in touch. More information will follow.

Zoom Video

We will look to use Zoom video chat software for online meetings and online practices.


Many Thanks Again.

I would like to thank you all again for all your hard work, assistance, guidance, advice and encouragement over this past season. It made, what was a daunting task, an absolute delight.

I look forward to our “Take Two” (next) season. I hope that you will be able to continue with all your sterling works and your amazing support.

I do hope that you and all your family and friends manage to stay safe and well during these worrying times. If anyone needs any type assistance please do let us know.


Sincerely and Fraternally





Sat, 14th March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to advice received and member feedback with regard to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our recently proposed schedule of events may not all take place.

Our Master Elect cannot be installed for the moment but his Summer School dates have been provisional published on our site.

The lodge schedule of labour 2020-21 has been proposed but this will probably now need to be amended.

Our social event dates will been confirmed later but are planned to include;
  • Barbeque at our Master Elect’s home
  • Ladies night at the Granary
  • Family lunch at the lodge with all our widows invited.
  • 4 ball golf tournament at Ombersley Golf Club, Wyche versus Mitton!
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Tue, 25th February 2020

New News Item

Here at Mitton Lodge since November 2019 we have held two third degree ceremonies and we are about to do our third!

For this ceremony we are going to include the third degree walking charge. This is something not to be missed. Please contact us if would like to visit and attend this meeting. (You do need to be a mason to attend)

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