Mitton Lodge No.6904

Members Survey

Members Survey 2019

We have created this survey to enable members to comment anonymously. We all know how important it is that we look after and retain our current members. We clearly also wish to attract new initiates, joining members and visitors and we hope that your comments will assist us with this also.

We want to understand if Mitton Lodge manages to satifiy your current masonic requirements. We would like to know if you feel that the lodge could improve in any areas, whilst keeping with our traditions.

To attract more visitors to Mitton, we wondered if some of our members might be happy to visit other local lodges, that they hadn't visited before, a new one, once a year, to attract reciprocal visits?

Please fill in the anonymous survey below. (You can add your name, if you so wish, at the end)

(This is a survey so if you have any urgent matter that needs attention, please mention it in the normal fashion to the relivant officer.)



Mitton Membership Status: *
Which elements of freemasonary do you enjoy. Please select all that apply: * Everything below
The camaraderie
The feeling of belonging
Watching the ceremony
Assisting in the ceremony
The charitable elements
Striving for self improvement
Activley caring for others
The festive board
The Bimonthly meetings / Lodge of Instruction
Lodges Ladies' Night
Other lodge social events
Visiting other lodges
Please describe One improvement that would make Mitton Lodge better for you if you have one?:
Please mention other changes that would also improve Mitton Lodge for you if you have any?:
Would you consider visiting, once a year, a local lodge that you haven't visited before?: *
How do you feel about talking about Freemasonry and promoting it?: *
How do you feel about Mitton's main monthly meetings?: * The starting time is too early
The starting time is about right
The starting time is too late
The meeting is about the correct length
The meeting could do with being a bit shorter
If you had a problem (personal, family or masonic) would you know where to look for help?: *
If you did have problems, would you feel able to seek assistance: *
If you have any further comments please add them here :
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